Northern Colorado Real Estate Summit

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April 5, 2023 | 8:30 am – 4:15 pm | Hilton Fort Collins

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Join BizWest for the premier real estate event of the year, complete with comprehensive analysis of residential and commercial real estate trends, data and key market segments. From forecasts for the residential and commercial sectors to panel discussion with the region’s top Realtors, the Northern Colorado Real Estate Summit will prepare attendees for what lies ahead.

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Hosted at:

Hilton Fort Collins
425 W. Prospect Road

Fort Collins, CO 80526

Comprehensive sessions exploring the changing landscape of residential and commercial real estate!

Agenda at-a-Glance

Commercial & Residential Forecasts (Plenary)

Residential: What do the latest numbers tell us about the residential market in the Northern Colorado? We’ll examine sales numbers, listings, average and median prices and much more.

Commercial: Office, retail and industrial space are filling up throughout the NoCo. We’ll take a look at major developments and sales, as well as the latest vacancy and leasing statistics.

Affordable Housing  (Residential)

Municipal governments hold enormous influence on housing costs. What governmental policies, fees and zoning regulations affect the cost of housing the most, and how can cities create an environment conducive to creation of affordable housing?

Home-Building Pain Points (Residential)

With a rapid downturn in the housing market, national and local home builders are struggling to adapt. How are changes in housing demand affecting builders as they attempt to move product? What price ranges, neighborhoods or type of home have been most affected?

Water Wars (Plenary)

Higher temperatures and extreme weather conditions are affecting a critical resource for the real estate sector: water. Some water districts and municipalities are struggling to meet the demand for new water taps, and drought conditions on the Colorado River could be felt along the Front Range. What challenges exist for developers and home builders in Northern Colorado?

Excelling in a Changing Market (Residential)

Rising interest rates have dampened demand in the housing sector, but that doesn’t mean that residential agents can’t continue to do well. We’ll hear from a panel of the region’s top agents, learning about their strategies and tactics, to ensure that they and their clients continue to thrive!

Breaking Ground I & II (Commercial)

Communities throughout Northern Colorado are seeing a wave of new commercial construction, with some projects in the planning stage and others already emerging from the ground. Our panel of development directors will provide a complete rundown of the region’s top projects. This panel is a huge hit year after year!

Cap Rates (Commercial)

Rising interest rates have had a major impact on commercial real estate, with some analysts predicting escalation in cap rates as sellers lower prices to entice buyers. What effect have rising interest rates had on the Northern Colorado investment market, including for multifamily, industrial, retail and office projects, and what is the outlook for 2023?

Construction Cost Shifts (Plenary)

Supply-chain issues, cost of building materials, labor shortages, soaring water costs and other factors have caused real pain for the construction sector, including large and small contractors alike. What does the current market look like, what are recent trends in the cost of construction materials, and what effect is that having on the region’s construction sector?

Prepare for a changing real estate economy.

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