Have you noticed that Northern Colorado is growing at a rapid pace? Are you curious about the common challenges we face as a region?

Join us Tuesday, February 6 for an exclusive preview of the NoCO Community Foundation’s first ever regional well-being report, Northern Colorado Intersections: Pursuing Regional Well-Being. This report, which is the culmination of more than a year of work, offers a new way to look at data, think about how we function as a region, and better understand our region’s interdependence.

The Colorado Water Summit – the only water conference in the region to examine the economic issues surrounding the scarcity of water affecting the growing numbers of residents of the Boulder Valley and Northern Colorado. Confluence will take a deep dive into issues surrounding rising water prices, and will explore the many facets of water availability, cost, conservation, development and supply.

Net Zero Cities — From energy to waste, an increasing number of cities are seeking to achieve aggressive sustainability-related goals. But what does it mean to be “net-zero?” This event will unpack what it means for cities and counties and the reason behind the movement, as well as address implications for the private sector and the regional population at large.