What You’ll Learn

Become an effective leader within your company

Leadership is about taking responsibility for finding the potential in people and processes. It’s about being self-aware. CMLA is designed to provide you with insights into yourself and your skill sets. And then help you leverage those as you help your team develop their own skills and results. You’ll learn how to build a healthy team, engage people, and move your organization forward.

Why choose us?

  • Science-backed assessments of your behaviors, conflict style, and listening profile
  • Significantly improved communication skills to better influence, understand and connect with your team and clients
  • Strategies and tools for managing and motivating teams, and creating a healthy culture
  • An encouraging peer community where you will test your ideas, share your experience, and formulate your vision
  • 5 sessions of small-group coaching focused on your biggest outcomes
  • Lessons from CEOs about their experiences leading and building businesses
  • Exceptional value for a multi-dimensional, efficient, information-rich, personalized learning experience

Only $3,500

Receive $1,000 off when you sign up two people before 1/31/2023!

Learn to embrace change

Only $3,500. Save $1,000 when you register two people before Feb. 24, 2023!