Session I | Current Challenges

The Voice of General Counsel: Current Challenges in Construction

In-house counsel from some of the leading construction firms in the region will tackle pressing industry issues, including:  project financing (P3, lender requirements, delays, liens); CCIPs, OCIP, insurance exclusions and the rise of JVs;  innovations and lean philosophies; differing site condition issues, including identification, notice and pricing; labor shortages and what it really means; furthering diversity in the office and in the field; and the confluence of overhead, project cost and constraints of margins.


     • Ashley KramerSenior Counsel/Litigation, Asst. VP Safety, Comfort Systems USA

     • Brenna MannSenior VP/General Counsel, Adolfson & Peterson Construction

     • Julie Earnest, Assoc. General Counsel, AECOM Energy

     • Jason Greves, Assoc. General Counsel – Litigation, Mortensen

Moderator: Giovanni Ruscitti, Managing Partner, Berg Hill Greenleaf Ruscitti LLP

Session II | Construction Claims

Best practices for Presenting Construction Claims

Some of the leading claims consultants in the Rocky Mountain Region will debate issues relating to equitable price and schedule entitlement, including Contractual Awareness (Contract Mapping/Contract Matrix),  Integrated Contract Review Sessions, Key Clauses (e.g. Notice) and what is a change; Cause and Effect Establishment, including Root Cause Determination“Proper” Documentation and training during project to improve chances of recovery, and causation; damages, including recovery of contract rates vs. actual Costs, and calculating and proving up delay costs and productivity loss costs (measured mile vs. other methodologies – what is the best and why); and the winning at trial/arbitration – how to present your claim to win.


     • Anamaria PopescuDirector, Berkeley Research Group

     • Andrew Lonergan, Principal, Demand Construction Services

     • Mark Gentry, VP, Kenrich Group LLC

     • Ken Ekstrom, President, Applied CM

Moderator: Mark Changaris, Partner, Berg Hill Greenleaf Ruscitti LLP

Session III | Residential Development

Current Issues and Risks in Residential Development


     • Kevin Brinkman, CEO, Brinkman

     • Doug Rothey, President/Owner, Surescape/CRS

     • Ryan Polk, General Counsel, RK Mechanical

     • Tasha Power, Senior Assoc., Berg Hill Greenleaf Ruscitti LLP

     • Scott White, Partner/Business Line Agent, CRS

Moderator: George Berg, Founding Partner, Berg Hill Greenleaf Ruscitti LLP

10:10 a.m. Networking/Exhibitors (5 minutes)

Session IV | Project Management

What to do When a Good Project Goes Bad

A collection of war stories – Partners from Berg Hill will review how actual facts from real projects impacted contractor and subcontractor claims for an equitable price and schedule adjustments and will outline best practices for project success.   Topics will include key contract provisions, contract mapping, BIM, project training and documentation, emails, project minutes, lessons learned and more. 


     • Tom Merrigan, Partner, Berg Hill Greenleaf Ruscitti LLP

     • Jack Storti, Partner, Berg Hill Greenleaf Ruscitti LLP

     • Justin Berg, Partner, Berg Hill Greenleaf Ruscitti LLP

Moderator: Heidi Potter, Partner, Berg Hill Greenleaf Ruscitti LLP

Session V | Hot Topics

Hot Topics within the Construction Industry

A cross section of industry leaders and insiders will discuss current hot topics, including: succession planning and M&A activity (and related topics of diversification of risk, taking money off the table, retirement and retention of key employees);  changes in accounting standards and tax rules (including loss of production and 179D deductions);  the Impact of Bringing Off Balance Sheet Items on to the Balance Sheet (including Partnership with CPA and Funding Partners and Increased Leverage impact on Bonding or Funding); and Operational Performance Metrics (including Key Indicators to track or help with project performance, and Change Order or Contract Management Standards).


     • Tom DosenWipfli/Bauerle & Co. 

     • Marco CapitelliPresident, MTech Mechanical

     • Leonard KochSenior Vice President Commercial Banking, Vectra Bank

     • Rick PetersenFAIA, LEED AP, Principal, OZ Architecture 

Moderator: Giovanni Ruscitti, Managing Partner, Berg Hill Greenleaf Ruscitti LLP

Session VI | Looking Ahead

Economic Forecast/Labor Challenges 

Well- known regional economist, Rich Wobbekind, will provide economic stats and insights about the current labor squeeze within the construction market.