Garth Rademaker

Supervisory Patent Examiner, Art Unit 2924, Rocky Mountain Regional U.S. Patent and Trademark Office


Garth Rademaker graduated the University of Virginia with degrees in psychology and studio art. After working for a number of years as a Web designer and developer, he joined the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in 2005. As a patent examiner in designs, Rademaker examined applications for the designs of articles as varied as bottle openers, flower pots and toner cartridges. In 2014, he was promoted to supervisory patent examiner, heading Art Unit 2911. Also in 2014, h began working with the Patent Training Academy, where he has had a significant role in the training of all new Design Examiners. Rademaker joined the Rocky Mountain Regional U.S. Patent and Trademark Office management team in 2017 and shortly thereafter became the SPE of Art Unit 2924, which is an art unit comprised entirely of junior examiners, most of whom work at the USPTO Regional Office in Silicon Valley.

David Traylor

Senior managing director, Golden Eagle Partners


David Traylor is senior managing director at Golden Eagle Partners, a firm he founded in 2012 to advise life-science companies. After advising on various transactions in the life-science sector, he took an interest in the cannabis sector and then joined Surna Inc. (OTC: SRNA) as chief business officer in 2014.  After close to a year stint at Surna, Traylor re-founded Golden Eagle Partners to provide his knowledge to companies across the cannabis sector.


Before Golden Eagle Partners, Traylor led the Life Science group at Headwaters MB, a leading boutique investment bank.   Before Headwaters, he served as a senior vice president at Caris & Co., where he was focused on biopharmaceuticals. He also previously worked at Pacific Growth Equities, which later became Wedbush. During his banking tenures, he has advised private and public biotechnology and medical-device companies in various transactions including IPOs, public offerings, private offerings, mergers and acquisitions totaling over $500 million in value.


Before investment banking, Traylor spent 15 years in diverse operational roles in biotechnology companies, from research and development to business development, manufacturing, program management and senior management.


Traylor began his career in biotechnology, with a position in bioprocess manufacturing at Synergen (acquired by Amgen), and then moved into R&D and process development positions at Somatogen, a company pursuing a recombinant blood substitute. After Somatogen (acquired by Baxter), he led the management of programs and development initiatives at Affymetrix (acquired by Thermo Fisher), the leading innovator in microarray technology. Traylor began his business development career at Deltagen then moved over the lead the U.S. operations for atugen AG (acquired by Silence Therapeutics), a Berlin-based functional genomics company.  At Bioseek (acquired by Asterand), he led the business development efforts for one of the first systems biology companies.


Traylor received bachelor of arts degrees from the University of Colorado Boulder in biochemistry and molecular, cellular and developmental biology, and an M.B.A.  from the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado Boulder. He is also the inventor on three issued U.S. patents.