The Big Picture | Keynote Address

Federal tax rules have finally been handed down, so where does the opportunity-zone program stand for governments, economic developers, financial backers and developers? Jana Persky will provide an overview of opportunity zones in Colorado — and why time is of the essence to maximize benefits.

Jamie Hackbarth, Opportunity Zone Program Manager, Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade

Opportunity Zones & Economic Development

Opportunity zones could give a jumpstart to economic development in the region. How can economic-development officials and developers work together to enhance community goals? We’ll look at some key projects and how they intend to use opportunity zones to accelerate development to bring jobs and housing to the region.

Funding Industry

Opportunity zones don’t just provide tax benefits for developments. They’re also a key source of financing for businesses, from startups to established companies. What industries are most likely to take advantage of opportunity-zone financing?