Notables in the Boulder Valley and Northern Colorado

Definition: Worthy of note or notice; remarkable

BizWest’s roundup of leaders making a difference throughout our region.

At companies in Northern Colorado and the Boulder Valley, notable executives are running businesses, navigating company restructurings, sitting on boards while leading through example.

These notable individuals also mentor, teach and volunteer in their communities. The leaders profiled in these categories are nominated by their peers at work and in the community.

February 2022

This category recognizes leaders from a wide range of sectors who have demonstrated the power to advance their industries, workplace equality and civic engagement in our region.

March 2022

Profiling accomplished leaders in the fields of construction, commercial/industrial/home design, architecture, and engineering.

April 2022

These are the professionals who keep an office running smoothly every day. Professionals who are central to any business. While organization is key to their success, their flexibility and ability to handle the unexpected make them valuable to their employer.


Nomination Deadline: January 7, 2022


Nomination Deadline: February 7, 2022


Nomination Deadline: March 7, 2022

May 2022

After a total shutdown in their industries due to the pandemic, these women are pivoting to find ways to sustain and grow their businesses.

June 2022

BizWest’s recognizes LGBTQ executives making a difference throughout Northern Colorado and the Boulder Valley.

July 2022

Title and Escrow officers at title companies help people buy, sell, and refinance real estate by examining who has ownership rights to a property. They make sure the seller has the right to transfer the property free and clear to the buyer.

A mortgage broker serves as an agent between borrowers and lenders in the real estate market. Whether a potential borrower is buying a new home or refinancing, a broker gathers loan options from lenders for the borrower to consider, while qualifying the borrower for a mortgage with those lenders at the same time.


Nomination Deadline: April 8, 2022


Nomination Deadline: May 9, 2022


Nomination Deadline: June 10, 2022

August 2022

Honoring the outstanding women in Northern Colorado and the Boulder Valley who lead local educational institutions, including universities, colleges, technical schools, and primary (K-12) schools. They motivate excellence, educate, and inspire the next generation through new challenges.

September 2022

BizWest recognizes women leaders from a wide range of sectors responsible for brand marketing, communications, partnerships, training, data analytics and beyond for some of the most iconic brands in Northern Colorado and the Boulder Valley.

October 2022

Recognizing the accomplishments and contributions of the women who sit on corporate and nonprofit boards making decisions that affect millions of dollars and thousands of employees. These women have shaped our community through their professional, personal, and philanthropic activities with their service.


Nomination Deadline: July 11, 2022


Nomination Deadline: August 8, 2022


Nomination Deadline: September 9, 2022

November 2022

The executives on this list are shaping their own organizations as well as the path forward for leaders in their industry while serving thousands of clients and managing millions of dollars.

December 2022

Profiling accomplished women in the fields of investment banking, investment management and private equity. And consulting with clients on their portfolios to help them grow their financial futures.


Nomination Deadline: October 7, 2022


Nomination Deadline: November 7, 2022

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