CE Credits

The Boulder Valley Real Estate Conference will be presented entirely online this year. The Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) has implemented revised guidelines for receiving CE credits from virtual “live online” courses. BizWest has added functionality to our event platform in order to comply with these new guidelines.

To receive six CE credits, candidates must be present for a total of six hours of instruction. The event platform (Brella) tracks access and time spent for each session on an individual attendee basis. This tracking data will be submitted to DORA to verify attendance. If you do not participate for a minimum of six hours you will not receive CE credits.

Upon completion of the event, you will be required to sign and return an attestation document to VanEd. Failure to submit this attestation within a week of the conference will also result in credits not being issued.

The VanEd fee for CE credits is $15. This will be collected during registration. Be sure to select the option for CE credits when you purchase your event ticket.

If you need to purchase VanEd CE credits, click here:

If you have questions about receiving CE credits, please contact Rich Bussen, Director of Events, BizWest Media by email: rbussen@bizwest.com.

Boulder Valley Real Estate Conference CE credit approval: #107087