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Agribotix | Agirbotix Agrion 

The Agribotix Agrion Starter and Plus solutions are portable drones that come equipped with a near infrared camera designed to capture superb field-level imagery, which is uploaded to the included Agribotix FarmLens platform for processing. Results are produced automatically in the cloud, eliminating the need for hard-to-use software packages. The drones are easy to use; even beginners can fly with confidence within a few minutes.

Anemoment LLC | Trisonica Mini

The TriSonica Mini is the world’s smallest and lightest 3D ultrasonic anemometer. It is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, yet it is a powerful and highly accurate tool engineered for atmospheric monitoring, weather reporting and ecosystem research.

TempoQuest | TempoQuest TQI-AceCast

The Weather, Research and Forecasting model, which is widely used by more than 27,000 registered users located in 156 countries, is a next-generation mesoscale numerical weather-prediction system designed to serve both operational forecasting and atmospheric research needs.

Uzio | Uzio

Uzio produces the world’s first solar electric fence energizer that can be controlled from your phone.

Clean Tech

Boostbox H2 | BoostBox H2

The 7th-generation BoostBox H2 system is a ruggedized box made of recycled and recyclable materials. Inside, the top half houses technology and the bottom half is a water reservoir that holds enough water for around 2,500 miles of on-road use. This reliable system has a single moving part, a Swiss military-grade diaphragm pump. On-the-road use is as simple as adding distilled water.

Clean Chemistry Inc. | PeroxyMAX

PeroxyMAX treatment provides chemical oxidation with solids separation, producing  a clean brine from produced and flowback water by oxidizing dissolved metals, initiating floc of solids, oil and grease for easy, economic separation yielding a clean reuse water.

Clean Energy Federal Credit Union | Clean-energy funding model 

The credit union uses deposits that are federally insured solely to provide loans for clean-energy projects, offering clean-energy CDs and loans for solar-electric systems, clean-energy vehicles and energy-efficiency home improvements.

HOMER Energy | HOMER Pro and HOMER Grid

The HOMER software suite is used to optimize the design of distributed energy and microgrid projects. It is the first software to combine chronological simulation with powerful optimization algorithms within a decision support framework. It is used for applications as diverse as delivering access to energy for small villages in developing countries to military bases looking for enhanced resiliency to entire islands wanting to reduce their dependence on imported diesel fuel.

Hygge Power | OPO  (Orchestrated Power Outlet)

Hygge Power saves utilities money, gives their customers control of their power, and reduces emissions. The OPO family of behind-the-meter, smart-home energy-storage products reduces energy costs for utilities via load-shifting programs while improving customer satisfaction and grid reliability. Hygge Power has developed a simple, elegant, affordable power storage solution that paves the road for intelligent, distributed grid storage, and a cloud-connected clean energy future.

SunTech Drive LLC | Power Blender

The Power Blender is ideally suited for applications that require 24/7 or some night-time operation, particularly in areas with high power costs. The combination of the PicoCell controller and the optional Power Blender represents a cost-effective way to supplement solar power with controllable nighttime operation without the expense of adding a bank of batteries. If there is full solar irradiance, the PicoCell and the Power Blender will draw all power from the PV array. As cloud cover or impending darkness reduce the level of solar irradiance, the system makes up the difference by drawing from the grid. As full darkness descends, the system draws all of its power from the grid. In areas with high energy costs, this allows for both power firming during the day and full nighttime operation while consuming as little power from the grid as possible.



Crocs | Literide

LiteRide™ is the newest innovation in the legendary world of Crocs comfort. This revolutionary closed-cell material is even lighter and softer than Croslite™ foam, delivering a delightful mix of support and sink-in softness underfoot

GoGo Business Aviation | Gogo Vision Touch

With Gogo Vision Touch, passengers are one tap away from everything they want in-flight — access to streaming sites, connected in-flight services and more. Built on an advanced in-cabin network, embedded Wi-Fi enabled tablets, an open architecture, and robust Gogo 2Ku connectivity, the product seeks to elevate the passenger experience while lowering expenses.

Hearth | Smart Vents

Hearth Smart Vents don’t require expensive hubs and external sensors that clutter a home, and they don’t require a construction crew to install them. They can be swapped in easily, with owners using a simple but powerful app, and can be controlled via Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

ItyDity | ItyDity

The company’s one-of-a-kind Song Production Projects allow artists to actually hear how their song would likely sound when working with one producer versus the next. It also allows artists to test out different styles and incentivizes producers to use innovative techniques and stretch the boundaries of their capabilities.

Lefthand Robotics | Snowbot Pro  The first commercial-class, self-driving snow clearing robot. Mogli | Mogli

Mogli SMS is the most elegant, easy to use, and cost-effective SMS solution on the Salesforce AppExchange. ALL of our features are included with any of our packages. That means Unlimited Users, Unlimited Contacts and Unlimited Keywords.


The Steelie Orbiter Dash Mount Kit keeps your phone conveniently accessible on the dash while letting you easily adjust your screen for the perfect viewing angle. This kit combines a Dash Mount with the powerful Orbiter Magnetic Socket and a low-profile metal plate that easily attaches to your phone or case. Our Dash Mount adheres on any vehicle dash with strong, removable 3M® VHB® adhesive for a secure hold.

Popsockets | Popsockets 

Originally, this product was “needed” to help with headphone storage/management. Since its start, the product has morphed into something that serves as stand for your mobile device, grip and its original purpose.

Primitive Beer | Primitive Beer  Primitive Beer is Colorado’s first exclusively spontaneous, barrel-fermented beer blendery. Inspired by centuries-old Belgian brewing techniques and a flair for the modern, the company releases blends that reflect funky yet balanced flavor profiles emphasizing Colorado ingredients. The company packages its beers, purposefully still (lacking carbonation), in bag-in-box to satiate customer cravings between bi-monthly openings. In addition to paying homage to Belgian contemporaries and accentuating the wine-like qualities of the beer, the box is designed for taking on travels, outdoor adventures, or be continually sampled from the refrigerator without risk of oxidation and staling. SinOptim | ResQRinse

The ResQRinse nasal-irrigation system is the new neti pot alternative, and delivers affordable all-natural relief — without gagging. The innovative “Nasal Lock” design prevents gagging and burning typically associated with other sinus rinsing devices.

Soundwall | Nova Series 

Nova offers rich, clear sound. The dye sub aluminum surface provides rich vibrant colors.  LED backlighting and touch controls enhance the experience.

Internet | Blockchain 

Clip Interactive | Clip Interactive 

Clip Interactive makes audio content digitally interactive, offering innovative solutions for broadcasters and advertisers.

Cryptanite Blockchain | Chargacard

ChargaCard’s software system allows recurring billing, business-to-consumer financing and risk-management services as a way to bypass third-party financial institutions and credit cards. Installment payments from consumer to business can be automated. Service providers can use it to provide lines of credit to clients, flexible payment plans and zero percent interest rates. ChargaCard can also help businesses recover past-due invoices.

Find My Flock | Find My Flock 

Find My Flock empowers job searches. The algorithmic job board posts roles only from companies where everyone will feel welcome, equal and included. Users can filter jobs by tech-stack, salary, benefits and more. Once an application is complete, a personal job seeker advocate will help assess which role is right for the applicant, prep for interviews and cheer the applicant on.

GitCoin | GitCoin 

Gitcoin is a blockchain-based tool that Grows Open Source. By allowing users to submit cryptocurrency bounties denominated in Ether or any ERC20 token, developers have a way to make money off their contributions to Open Source. The platform has done $150,000 in bounties so far

Oxygrams | is a social-media platform integrated with artificial-intelligence machine learning called Comscan.

SnapEngage | SnapEngage

SnapEngage is a powerful, easy-to-use, fully customizable live chat solution that allows people to connect, communicate and ultimately convert their website visitors into engaged customers. SnapEngage can be installed on any website and seamlessly integrates with CRM or Help Desk.

Splunk + VictorOps | VictorOps 

VictorOps is incident-management software purpose-built for teams powering the evolution of software. With on-call basics, cross-team collaboration, and streamlined visibility, the technology champions the engineers powering innovation and uptime.

Stateless | Akros

The Akros network services platform is designed to overcome providers’ biggest networking challenges. Thanks to a first of its kind architecture, the platform can tackle the challenges that middleboxes and network functions virtualization couldn’t.

Yonomi | Yonomi

Yonomi ThinCloud is a scalable, serverless IoT backend designed for building smart-home devices and apps. Yonomi ThinCloud offers device makers an efficient, scalable and secure solution for getting to market quickly — in a fraction of the time, and at a fraction of the cost, otherwise required.



Software | Application 

Boulder AI | DNNCam™

The DNNCam™ is a fog computing camera ideally suited to working outdoors: Wildlife counting and identification applications, from counting and identifying fish underwater to herds of elk in the middle of winter

DeepCam LLC | Brain by DeepCam

Brain a plug-and-play system that it says “drastically improves retail-loss prevention and slashes operational costs.”…The system uses biometrics to identify shoplifting and other suspicious behaviors. It has been successful in trials conducted with retailers in the United States and internationally.

Flashback Technologies | CipherOX

Flashback has developed a state-of-the-art high-speed patent-pending software technology called CipherSensor™, which enables active, long-term learning from extremely large (terabytes), continually changing data-sets enabling more accurate estimation, prediction and control of desired results.  CipherSensor’s competitively novel, interpretive and predictive analytical approach yields opportunities to produce groundbreaking data analysis solutions across a variety of industries.

LingoPort | Globalyze

Find and fix i18n bugs early. Reach worldwide customers with software that’s built to be global. Globalyzer offers the easiest and fastest way to ensure your software is internationalized and ready for global users. Find and fix i18n bugs during development from within IDEs, check-in/pull requests or run daily against your repositories. Avoid costly i18n QA bug fixing iterations and create better global-ready software in every sprint and release.

Liqid Inc. | Liqid Composable Infrastructure

With Liqid Composable, it is now possible to design a living infrastructure that can adapt as needed to meet the massive data requirements of next-gen applications in AI, IoT, edge environments, and DevOps. Data center elements plug into the Liqid Grid, a PCI-Express based fabric device on which the Liqid Command Center software resides. Software allows users, on-demand or via automation, to right-size the elements of the data center to meet the demands of the current workload.

AlsoEnergy | PowerTrack

The PowerTrack software platform empowers AlsoEnergy clients to optimize asset performance and manage energy portfolios. With a comprehensive feature set and broad compatibility, PowerTrack is a true data intelligence platform, enabling you to manage all your assets and business interests in a single integrated system.

Burlywood | Burlywood TrueFlash™ Software-defined flash storage

Burlywood TrueFlash™ is Software-defined Flash. It operates on a programmable controller at the heart of the SSD. Because the controller hardware can be programmed by software, it can be tuned to new workloads, add new flash memory types, and introduce new features without delays associated with hardware changes and ASIC turns like traditional SSDs.

Introspective Networks | SmokeVPN

SmokeVPN does not just encrypt your data, it actually hides it. Using Moving Target Defense techniques combined with Streaming Key Encryption, a new level of defense is created for your network and data in motion. By doing this, SmokeVPN creates a virtual smokescreen in your network removing all network-borne attack vectors.

Launchpass | Launchpass

Provide exclusive access, content and community with Slack. Being built on top of Slack means that your business has access to a rich community platform where it’s easy to provide services, interact with customers and quickly share content.

Pagedip | Pagedip 

Pagedip is the solution that allows you to bring depth to digital documents, enabling the reader to read (text), watch (video) and do (interact) all in the same place, turning a linear reading experience into a multidimensional exploration. From external presentations to internal product playbooks, Pagedip allows you to engage with your audience in a whole new way.

Parascript | FormXtra

FormXtra® is the document capture and development platform used by business service providers, system integrators and original equipment manufacturers that simplifies document processing to deliver increased productivity and reduced costs.

Redeam | Redeam 

Redeam enables attractions to accept paper vouchers and mobile tickets from any reseller using Redeam’s low cost, tablet-based validation platform.

Skyland Analytics | Skyland PIMS™

Skyland Analytics develops cloud-based data analytics and data management software for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Skyland PIMS™ equips manufacturers with a simple, validatable, intuitive workspace for product, process and batch data. PIMS™ enables access across the manufacturing network to essential data that supports monitoring, ad hoc investigations, process analysis, Continued Process Verification (CPV) management and other critical initiatives.

Swimlane | Swimlane

Swimlane empowers security teams to respond to more alerts faster without adding overhead. Swimlane’s security automation, orchestration and response (SOAR) platform—with fully integrated, dynamic case management and automated workflows—standardizes and accelerates incident response processes to improve consistency, decrease mean time to resolution (MTTR) and lower operating costs.

Business Products & Services

AllSource Analysis | Discovery 

Discovery is a quick, first-phase Geospatial Intelligence analytic report offering significant, high-level insight pertaining to a customer’s area of interest within 24 to 48 hours. Discovery content is structured to rapidly and succinctly convey an imagery-based assessment of current or emerging events or activities including change analysis, within a closely defined geographic area.

Black Swift Technologies | Black Swift S2 UAS

The BlackSwift S2 features the field-swappable payload system designed to ensure clean and uncontaminated measurements of the atmosphere by completely enclosing the sensor suite and associated hardware within the nose cone and enable rapid changes of the payload in the field using a common power. This allows for the different sensor suites to be rapidly deployed in successive missions using the same airframe and FMS. Extending the utility of the BlackSwift S2 to numerous applications and missions outside that of volcanic plume detection.

ColdQuanta | Atom Chip Driver

ColdQuanta’s atom chip driver is designed to accommodate the specific demands of atom chips for quantum computing and other purposes.

Comptek Technologies | CityPole 

CityPole streamlines small-cell wireless deployments, getting a network up faster. The smart poles are designed to blend into the urban landscape and accommodate the changing requirements of the wireless industry.

Forge Nano | Atomic Layer Deposition

Forge Nano has developed a unique atomic layer deposition process to produce precision nanocoatings, uniformly encapsulating particles and objects with chemically bonded, high-quality angstrom-scale coatings for UV blocking, electrical insulation, and oxidation protection to control thermal management, structural integrity, diffusional resistance and electrochemical properties.

High Precision Devices | Cryogenic water probe station

HPD’s cryogenic wafer probe station enables developers to evaluate and optimize advanced system development at conditions approaching absolute zero. The probe station uses a unique combination of robotics, cryogenics, machine vision and high-speed electronics to rapidly load very-high-density computer chip wafers into a cryogenic chamber, automatically orient the wafers to very tight tolerances, cool the wafer and probe systems to nearly absolute zero, and then autonomously evaluate individual devices on the wafer for future computing architectures.

Inovonics | EN1221S-60N

The Inovonics waterproof pendants are small, light and comfortable to wear and provide advanced functionality and reliability to enhance the user experience. The EN1221S-60N waterproof pendant with lanyard comes equipped with an adjustable lanyard with a breakaway feature. Available for use in senior living emergency call system applications.

Occipital | Structure 

Structure Sensor adds precise 3D vision to a mobile device, giving it a new way of understanding the world around it. This enables a growing set of advanced capabilities such as 3D scanning, indoor mapping and mixed-reality experiences.

PasswordPing | PasswordPing Credential Screening

PasswordPing proactively notifies organizations if their customers, partners or employees are using exposed credentials, allowing them to prevent unauthorized access. The system uses sophisticated automated scanning of the dark Web and public Internet to find the billions of credentials that have been exposed in third-party data breaches and then deliver clients a high-performance credential checking service to validate what is being used in their environment.

Sovrn | OneTag

OneTag streamlines implementation by giving publishers immediate access to multiple digital advertising products through a single line of code. Beyond the ease of integration and testing, OneTag also keeps software up to date. New features, bug fixes, and updates are all pushed directly from the server, relieving the publisher from any ongoing engineering burden.
Stedi | Stedi
Stedi makes it 90 percent for companies to implement EDI. Trillions of dollars flow through the EDI network globally, but there hasn’t been a major new EDI platform in over a decade. Businesses of every size use this software to exchange order-related transactions with their trading partners around the world.
Twine seamlessly connects Slack to a conference room and makes joining calls and presentations simple and intuitive. The Twine app gives a team enterprise video conferencing, wireless presentations, meeting scheduling and room management.

ZingFit | zingfit

zingfit is a SaaS platform fueling the world’s best boutique fitness brands. The boilerplate description: our unique value proposition seamlessly integrates scheduling, commerce, and marketing tools—delivering an effortless and authentic digital experience for boutique fitness studios’ customers.

Stedi | Stedi 

Twine | Twine + Slack 

IT’s dream come true. Kiss on-boarding and support calls goodbye. Twine seamlessly connects Slack to your conference room and makes joining calls and presentations simple and intuitive. If your team knows how to use Slack, they already know how to use Twine. The Twine app gives your team enterprise video conferencing, wireless presentations, meeting scheduling, and room management. Add the Twine hardware for magical control over your conference room right from Slack. Start calls, drive presentations and manage in-room signage. Voice control coming soon!


Bitsbox | Bitsbox

Bitsbox is a simple tool that helps kids learn how to code. Every month, the company sends a box full of DIY coding projects for 6- to 12-year-olds. Kids follow the instructions to build apps on their computers, and then play with the apps on any mobile device. The apps are written in JavaScript, and completely customizable.

EdBoard Technologies | EdBoard 

EdBoard develops kits that teach kids electrical engineering through building circuits.

Mindscribe | Mindscribe

MindScribe, a research and design studio founded by Layne Jackson Hubbard, a PhD. student in computer science at the University of Colorado Boulder, creates talking stuffed animals to ask kids questions about their 2D & 3D creations.

Misty Robotics | Misty II 

Misty II is an advanced personal robot with professional grade sensors that can be programmed with common programming languages — or even with a visual block programming interface.

SparkFun | Raspberry Shake – Home Earthquake Monitor (RS1D)

This shake brings an easy-to-use earthquake monitor to the yard. Developed and made on a literal volcano, the Raspberry Shake is a highly accurate seismograph users can deploy in homes, offices and classrooms. This Raspberry Pi accessory uses a single, vertical geophone as its sensor — a very sensitive yet rugged Earth motion microphone widely used in the oil and gas industry, to detect seismic vibration. The Raspberry Shake was originally designed with citizen scientists and educational facilities in mind, but can easily be used by other hobbyists, makers, and enthusiasts, as well.

Specdrums | Specdrums Rings 

Specdrum patented the most accessible solution to playing music to inspire the next generation of musicians and creative thinkers. The main product is an app-connected ring that turns color into sound, making the entire world of colors an instrument. Users can assign pitches and sounds to any set of unique colors, allowing them to create musical beats and melodies anywhere. Users can play on a 12-color keyboard, create and print out their own playing pads, or even draw their own colored instruments. Using rings and the custom app, users can play hundreds of instrument sounds on any colors.

Swivl | Swivl

Swivl provides video data capture and flexible software to help achieve organization, teacher and student goals.

Timberline | A STEM Focus School 

Timberline developed an integrated STEM focused school, offering an innovative educational experience balanced by opportunities to participate in a variety of music programs, visual arts, and physical education classes as well as STEM-focused courses.


AktiVax Inc. | ARAI Auto Injector

The ARAI auto-injector was designed to administer medical countermeasures under nearly any condition. Using the same platform, it’s being developed for opioid overdose, hypoglycemia, and severe allergic reactions like anaphylaxis. With its user-friendly and robust design combined with innovative drug storage, ARAI is the next generation auto-injector for everyday emergencies.

ArcherDx | Archer VariantPlex® Core Myeloid Kit

The Archer VariantPlex Core Myeloid panel is a 37-gene targeted sequencing panel for markers for critical acute myeloid leukemia, slow-growing blood cancers and myelodysplastic syndromes. Powered by Anchored Multiplex PCR chemistry, the panel enables deep strand-specific amplification of molecular barcoded DNA fragments for sequencing.

Double Helix | SPINDLE 

Double Helix’s Spindle gives researchers the ability to easily capture and analyze 3D images of cellular structures down to the single molecule level.

InDevR | The VaxArray® Platform

The VaxArray Imaging System (VX-6000) is a compact instrument that enables high-resolution fluorescence imaging of both microarray slides and 96 well plates. The system is sold with intuitive 21 CFR Part 11 +Annex compatible software for use with the VaxArray Influenza potency test kits.

Inscripta Inc. | MAD7

MAD7 is a CRISPR enzyme used in gene-editing. Its precision editing ability, coupled with the ability to use MAD7 royalty-free for commercial R&D purposes, makes it an ideal tool for researchers working on precision editing workflows.

Kindara | Kindara App and Wink Thermometer

Kindara created a powerful and useful fertility charting system. The Kindara hardware and software fertility platform includes a free app, a paid version of the app, and Wink, a Bluetooth BBT thermometer that automatically uploads temperature readings to the app. Kindara has 1.5 million lifetime downloads on iOS and Android and has helped more than 75,000 women to get pregnant. Kindara is also a social platform and safe space for women to join an active community of other women for advice, support and connection.

MedAware Systems Inc. | SOHInfo

MedAware’s Science of Health Informatics is a Scientific-Data-as-a-Service that solves the problem of making the vast and chaotic body of human clinical trials research instantly available and indispensable for understanding the safety and efficacy of medical treatments and devices.

MFB Fertility | Ovulation Double Check Tests

Ovulation predictor kits (LH strips) will “predict” ovulation, while the Ovulation Double Check Tests will “confirm” ovulation. The Ovulation Double Check test is performed exactly like a pregnancy or ovulation predictor test, i.e., collecting urine in a cup, dipping the test strip, waiting five  minutes, then reading your results.

Respirogen | Oxygen Microbubble

Respirogen micron-scale Oxygen Microbubble technology will provide improved compositions and methods for blood oxygenation as well as improved methods for producing and delivering these oxygen-delivery compositions to patients and explanted cells, tissues, or organs. Every cell in the body requires oxygen to maintain correct homeostasis, and hypoxic conditions can quickly lead to irreversible organ damage or death. OMB technology has demonstrated the ability to deliver oxygen to the blood stream independent of the lungs.


Natural Products

Boulder Sun | Sun Milk 

Sun Milk is a rich and creamy dairy alternative made out of Sunflower seeds.

Cusa Tea | Cusa Tea Premium Organic Instant Tea

Cusa Tea is the world’s first truly premium organic instant tea. Founder Jim Lamancusa created a cold-steep, vacuum-dehydration process, complete with 22 patents, that keeps the essence of tea, but makes it available to consumers in three seconds with hot or cold water.

Highlight Foods Inc. | Crunchsters

Non-GMO, nut-free, gluten-free protein snacks made using the mung bean.

Khala Cloth | Khala Cloth

Khala Cloths wax wraps are a practical alternative to plastic when wrapping food to keep it fresh.

New Herb Health | Meta Hemp Solutions

The company’s new line, called Meta Hemp Solutions, uses a spagyric technique — that is, it’s made using alchemical procedures such as fermentation, distillation or extraction — combined with modern science. Meta Hemp Solutions are made using organic grape oil, pure water and extraction using a low-temperature point to preserve the living components of the raw hemp plant.

Sejoya | Sejoyia Coco-Thins

Sejoyia Coco-Thins are crispy, crunchy, thin cookies made with seven or fewer ingredients, such as coconut, cashews and cassava, and without cane sugar, wheat or soy.

The Honest Stand | The Honest Stand 

Plant-based convenient comfort foods.

Wild Zora | Paleo Meals to Go

Freeze-dried meals that include meat made without antibiotics or added hormones.

Sports & Outdoor

Canamia Outdoors | TreePod 

TreePod Hanging Habitats creates portable and stylish hang-out spaces that literally “hang-out.” The Pods blend together features of a hammocks, chairs, and tents, offering a perfect space to relax while suspended off the ground.

CeramicSpeed | OSPW System

The OSPW System optimises the overall efficiency of a drivetrain thanks to a unique design and extremely low friction bearings.

Fitbot | Fitbot

Fitbot is an online coaching platform built for fitness professionals, helping coaches save time, deliver a better experience for their clients and grow their training businesses. Fitbot enables one-on-one coaching that scales, freeing up time for coaches.

Matador | Beast28

The Beast28 is a rugged, technical pack designed for far-flung adventures and destination hiking. Ultra-light but durable, this backpack is big enough and strong enough to hold gear for day hikes and even light overnight treks, but packs up into included compression bag for space-saving travel.

Mondo Robots | Retul

Retul is technology used to collect and analyze data to help retailers and fitters advise riders and help them make the best product decisions to increase comfort, prevent injuries and improve performance.

Outside Analytics | Outside Analytics

The company’s software takes data from aerospace satellites and sensors — with which the founders of the startup have 15 years of experience using — to provide curated mapping and data analysis for outdoor activities.

Xero Shoes | Daylight Hiker

The Daylight Hiker is a lightweight hiking boot.