As highly coveted at the designation Bravo! Entrepreneur is the trophy presented to each honoree is equally desirable.  Created by sculptor Bobbie Carlyle and titled “Self-made Man” or Self-made Woman,” the bronze Bravo trophies are proudly showcased in companies throughout Northern Colorado. Bobbie Carlyle’s vision of Self Made Man is a man carving himself out of stone, carving his character, carving his future.

The Artist: Bobbie Carlyle

“I create monumental bronze sculptures that capture bold strength and provocative intelligence. My figures go beyond first impressions to challenge the intellect and cause the viewer to look within themselves for greater meaning. My work reflects my love for classic sculpture while presenting a modern approach with its presentation and a psychological approach for connection to the struggles and triumphs of life.”

Bobbie’s sculpting career began nearly three decades ago. Her subjects range from wildlife to Western, to figurative and liturgical sculpture. She is internationally known and recognized for her piece entitled “Self Made Man”, and she has numerous other pieces in her portfolio. She’s recently installed a commission piece for the Los Angeles Public School District which is slated for unveiling very soon and has had commissioned several other new and creative sculptures. In addition, she is one of only five artists included in the current process to create a memorial sculpture for Benjamin Banneker planned for placement within the Memorial Core of Washington, D.C.

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