Here’s what alumni are saying about BizWest Academy:

The BizWest Leadership Academy helped me identify key tools to advance my personal growth as a leader. I gained a network of peers that I am comfortable leaning on for advice and support as our careers grow!

I would like others to know that it isn’t just a class or a lecture. It’s a hands-on holistic experience based around the idea of leadership. The content was never stagnant.

It is an amazing opportunity to learn from extremely knowledgeable and passionate individuals. Material, information and tools that can be immediately implemented. I absolutely loved it.

BizWest Academy is a leadership course that takes your thinking of leadership to a whole new level! Each session you are guaranteed, yes I said guaranteed, to gain new perspectives and applicable ideas to help your leadership style and your team grow!

This is a great opportunity to stretch outside of your comfort zone. It will teach you strategies and ideas that may not have even been considered. The talented presenters, CEOs, and facilitators are incredibly effective at presenting effective, real-world ideas.

The most productive and meaningful was the small group and 1 on 1 work that we did. To be able to talk with and listen to my peers was valuable time that you don’t always get with coworkers or others in business. It was a lot of impactful conversations in a short amount of time.

The ECHO listening profile was something that will stick with me for the rest of my career. In addition to really seeing how I listen, learning how to effectively communicate with diverse listening profiles is a priceless attribute.

The Echo Listening Profile was extremely helpful because it was so specific to me. I also appreciated the time when we could talk about real problems we were having at work and troubleshoot them together.

I think it was a great blend of learning yet hearing from CEOs in various industries on the application, struggles and learning they have done over their careers.

I really enjoyed the case studies and working through real life problems in small groups and could see the benefit of implementing more of that opportunity.

I thought the Academy was well planned out and moved along smoothly with perfect transitions.

I remember leaving the first day of the academy so excited about what was to come. I have also felt exhausted (in a good way) every day I have left because I, and everyone else, have really leaned into the conversation and problem solving, and haven’t “half-assed” it. Thank you for everything!

Thank you for this inspirational experience.

Jessica is truly a treasure!