Our presenters


The BizWest Leadership Academy is an original program developed by and for Front Range professionals to develop strategic leaders in our community.

Prominent speakers from key disciplines will inform and engage participants on leadership principles and techniques, encourage application of these concepts to real world experiences, and create cross-sector insights that spark innovative approaches to pressing challenges.

Following are a selection of our outstanding expert presenters.

Dana Dupuis

CEO & Founder, ECHO Listening Profile


With more than 20 years of experience in management consulting, leadership development and building healthy corporate cultures, Dana Dupuis knows the importance of good communication. Dana is the co-creator of a proprietary listening assessment called the ECHO Listening Profile (ECHO = Effective Communication for Healthy Organizations), which has been instrumental in reshaping communication with executive teams, within teams and across full company cultures. By understanding that each individual listens “to” and “for” different kinds of information, companies can greatly enhance their ability to communicate and collaborate effectively. It is upon this concept that Dana’s work is based.

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Juliet Henry

VP Security, Data Privacy & Protection, EPI-USE America


Juliet Henry leads  the GDPR, Security, and Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) practice at EPI-USE America. With more than 21 years’ experience in strategic advisory, solution architecture and delivery, as well as best-practice security role design, Juliet  brings extensive expertise related to information security, access control, and identity management, with a specialization in human resources and payroll, including protection of PII. With a passion for knowledge sharing and enabling clients with a proactive approach, she works side-by-side with clients to identify the right approach to manage risk and compliance for information security and data privacy requirements. A frequent presenter at SAP Insider and ASUG events, she is passionate about mentoring and championing women in technology.


Sage B. Hobbs

Coach, Writer, Speaker, Sage Hobbs Coaching LLC


Sage B. Hobbs is a leadership coach, author and speaker. Her passion for maximizing human potential and cultivating cultures of equity has led to more than 20 years of experience working in public, private, and not-for-profit sectors. Her speciality is relational leadership and communication, enabling leaders and team members to create positive, collaborative and effective relationships that ensure greater success and satisfaction.

With a quick ability to see the underlying challenges, Sage supports clients to access deep insight, discover their full capacity, and take meaningful action for positive change. She supports leaders in making an even bigger impact in their communities, organizations, and the broader world.

Sage is the author of Naked Communication. She holds a master’s degree in counseling psychology from the University of Colorado Denver and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

She’s also a mom of two, a cancer survivor, a “retired” school counselor, and a beach-loving-book-nerd. She lives in Boulder with her husband who teaches high school and their two awesome kids.

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Evan Manée

Founder, Body Mind Alchemy


Evan Manée is founder of Body Mind Alchemy. For more than 10 years, he has provided custom integrated wellness programs for individuals, businesses and organizations. A life-long study of fields such as neuroscience, epigenetics, systems biology, business biomimicry, human behavioral science, leadership and customer service, and human potential have lead to various certifications as a trainer, facilitator, coach, educator, speaker and consultant in multiple modalities. Evan’s mission is to:

  • Improve people’s relationship to their incredible and inspiring bodies.
  • Change people’s approach to health and wellness.
  • Destroy false and limiting beliefs with inspiring education.
  • Help young and old alike optimize their health and live extraordinary personal and professional lives.


Eric Meade

Principal, Whole Mind Strategy Group


Eric Meade, principal with Whole Mind Strategy Group, accelerates the shift to a better world by grounding the emotional charge of the past, creating the space for innovative thinking about the future and providing tools and processes to bring new ideas into the present.  He is a futurist, consultant, and leadership coach serving businesses and nonprofits in the social sector. Through inclusive and innovative facilitation and mind-bending  insights, he reframes issues, shifts perspectives and sparks new ways of thinking to bring the future into your leadership and your leadership into the future.

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John O’Dea

Principal, 303 Alpha LLC


John O’Dea is principal at 303 Alpha LLC. An entrepreneur with two decades in the grey area between the public and private sectors, John understands the opportunities and pitfalls that occur at the intersection of commercial interest and public policy. He provided expertise in business intelligence, government relations and human-factor risk management. John developed a proprietary methodology for using big data to help mitigate insurance fraud, civil litigation & public policy risks and to inform business strategies.

He specialized in due diligence, business, political & regulatory risk assessments, fraud reduction and business intelligence.


Dr. Jennifer Simpson

President, Integrated Work Strategies


Dr. Jennifer Simpson is president of Integrated Work Strategies. She leads development of innovative solutions that drive business growth and help organizations make a difference that matters.  Jennifer is active in SheEO, a global initiative focused on building an innovative new model to finance, support and celebrate female entrepreneurs. An entrepreneur herself, Jennifer brings her depth and breadth of experience to co-create with colleagues and client partners behavior-change methods and solutions in fresh, pragmatic and powerful ways.

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