Jessica Hartung

Founder, Integrated Work


Jessica Hartung is a mentor, partner, and guide for those leveling up their leadership, their teams and their communities to a better future.  She is a Leadership Activist, helping to grow the self-aware, ethical leaders our future requires. Building effective leadership is how we build a connected, compassionate, and effective workforce and society.

In 1998, Jessica founded Integrated Work, a Boulder-based leadership consulting firm devoted to building the leaders our society needs through real-world work while also functioning as a learning laboratory for innovative work practices. The organization is committed to helping organizations and leaders to grow their capacity in order to make meaningful change in the world. With in-depth experience and expertise in building high-performing teams, developing leaders, and providing purpose-driven strategic consulting Integrated Work has become nationally known and continues to thrive under the leadership of CEO, Dr. Jennifer Simpson.

Jessica speaks around the country on conscious professionalism — how to use the workplace as a case study and catalyst for growth and development.. She builds leaders at all levels of an organization — from the frontline foundation to the C-suite.

In 2019, Jessica published The Conscious Professional: Transform Your Life at Work aimed at making effective on-the-job development tools accessible to anyone seeking to grow from their work.  She has published numerous articles, interviews and podcasts focusing on how to leverage the Third Paycheck – the personal, portable capital we build through developing on the job.

Jessica uses actual, real-life work challenges as case studies to grow new levels of leadership, personal growth, and capability to dream more vividly and achieve more artfully.