Lead High Performance Teams to Make Change And Get Results

Without Burnout, Overwhelm, and Worry.

Watch a brief introduction from Jessica Hartung, Designer and Facilitator of the Academy

“Everything is so uncertain.”

“I don’t actually know how to create these results.”

“Am I the leader that is needed here?”

No one has done exactly what you are doing before.

  • There’s no formula to follow.
  • Success is not guaranteed.
  • The pressure keeps building.

Change efforts can fizzle or implode.

  • It’s a heavy weight of responsibility.
  • The risks are real.
  • You worry. A lot.

YOU are responsible for leading change.

This is why we designed the Change-Making Leadership Academy.

As a confident decision-maker YOU can implement change that is sustainable.

Imagine if you could …

  • Retain star performers while supporting their growth.
  • Engage key people (even when they are working remotely).
  • Strengthen your commitment to change leadership.
  • Reinforce a culture of ownership.
  • Widen your perspective to see all the opportunities available.
  • Leverage your creativity, and ideas from colleagues for breakthrough results!

The BizWest Change-Making Leadership Academy builds more self-aware, effective, and ethical leaders through real-world workplace challenges.

That means …

  • No more colleagues quitting because they’re burnt out.
  • No more frustration from slow progress.
  • No more missing the mark.

Your Leadership Makes A Difference

This Academy will guide you through six sessions over three months so that you become an effective change leader that your team loves while doing your work.

  1. Strategic Vision. Understand your story and establish your vision for change to create more meaning and depth. Because it’s not just about the business, it’s also about you. Upgrade your listening intelligence with the ECHO Listening Profile so you can hear the full picture and context for your vision.
  2. Powerful Communication. Share your story meaningfully to connect with your listeners’ values. Change hearts and minds to create impactful shifts and real results.
  3. Teaming Excellence. Learn The Collaborative Way® a proven method for working with others and achieving breakthrough results. Practice psychological safety to bring out the best in your team.
  4. Action Learning. Design action learning experiments customized to your change initiatives. Roundtable discussion of improvements and individual development planning.
  5. Asset-Based Strategy. Leverage the resources available to you right now to build out a winning strategy for implementation and sustainable change.
  6. Reflection and Celebration. Look at the progress you have made! Celebrate successes with colleagues. Receive on-the-spot coaching for sticky issues. Receive a certificate of achievement reflecting your change-making leadership.

What they’re saying …

“The BizWest Change-Making Leadership Academy helped me identify key tools to advance my personal growth as a leader. I gained a network of peers that I am comfortable leaning on for advice and support as our careers grow!”

~ 2019 Academy Graduate

“The professional support and consultation was critical to surviving and strategically moving through several challenging situations in the context of a larger vision for the organization.”

~ Rockville, MD

“I would like others to know that it isn’t just a class or a lecture. It’s a hands-on holistic experience based around the idea of leadership. The content was never stagnant. It is an amazing opportunity to learn from extremely knowledgeable and passionate individuals. Material, information and tools that can be immediately implemented. I absolutely loved it.”

~ 2019 Academy Graduate

“Having the chance to be in the same room with other colleagues to discuss challenges and issues we are all currently facing generates and inspires creative ideas. The work relationships I’ve developed through this team have been invaluable and I continue to reach out to these friends and colleagues for advice and support.”

~ Sioux Falls, SD

“As a healthcare executive navigating a rapidly changing environment, I have worked with Jessica as a coach to strengthen my presence and impact as a leader. She has been instrumental in helping me build on my strengths, work effectively with diverse constituencies, and cultivate the kind of resilience leaders need in today’s world. Thanks to her wisdom, insights, and practical tools, I am a much more confident and effective leader!”

~ Minneapolis, MN

“This was the best and most useful meeting I’ve ever been to in my career. And I’m old, so that means a lot!”

~ Topeka, KS

“The knowledge of the ECHO Listening Profile, specifically around way people listen differently has been huge! When I started adding in more analytical data to my presentations, it increased the way that students were interacting with that concept, and able to take it and use it on their own.”

~ Jana Sanchez

I’m Jessica …

… a strategist, a seasoned leadership development coach, entrepreneur, and advisor for 20 years.

As a pioneer in the conscious business community, I founded an innovative leadership development firm in 1998 that works exclusively with mission-driven organizations making the world a better place.

Leadership is crucial to your success, as it has been for my executive clients.

As we work together, you can expect to feel more confident in creating meaningful change internally, and externally.

You’ll hear real-world examples from innovative Front Range CEOs, and have a supportive community to think through new strategies to help you move forward.

The challenges of making change stretch your professional capabilities and cause you to grow. It’s time to do something different to get what you desire.